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Rain Continues to Slow Planting

For the week ending in April 27, 2014 corn planting picked up momentum but was then limited again by mid-week rain across much of the … Read More »

American Ethanol, Arbor Day races to put more green in spring planting trees

LINCOLN, NEB. — During the month of April, the Nebraska Corn Board, in cooperation with the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), will join NASCAR® in … Read More »

Investment by Nebraska corn farmers nearly $3 billion to plant 9.4 million acres

LINCOLN, NE – According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Nebraska corn farmers will plant 9.4 million acres of corn, about 94% of last … Read More »

Nebraska Corn Board Recognizes Ag Achievement, Livestock, Ethanol and Media Awardees

LINCOLN, NE—The Nebraska Corn Board presented its annual awards to four exceptional individuals during its Cooperator and Awards Dinner in Lincoln this week. For 23 … Read More »

Nebraska Corn Producers Return from Mission Excited About Brazilian Biofuels

LINCOLN, NE—A group of Nebraska, Iowa, and Ohio corn farmers have returned from a multi-state trade mission to Brazil excited about the potential relationships and … Read More »

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