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Nebraska Corn Board continues internship programs in Nebraska, D.C.

LINCOLN, NE — Since the Nebraska Corn Board was founded more than three decades ago, it has worked to nurture and develop talent among all … Read More »

Nebraska’s egg industry adds value to corn, aid overseas

LINCOLN, NE – Just as Nebraska farmers are producing more corn with fewer inputs on fewer acres, the Nebraska hen laying industry is producing more … Read More »

Nebraska corn-fed beef adds value to ‘center of plate’

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska’s beef producers are the best in the world – and they are experts at converting Nebraska-produced commodities like corn and distillers … Read More »

‘Theory’ on indirect land use change gets weaker with updates to model

LINCOLN, NE — “Indirect land use change theory” are five words that still have ethanol supporters and farmers scratching their heads. After all, said the … Read More »

Gulf oil spill underscores need to increase use of clean, green ethanol

Nebraska Corn Board says current policy decisions will have dramatic effect on renewable fuels growth. LINCOLN, NE – As those along the Gulf Coast work … Read More »

Recognition of Earth Day should include farmers

LINCOLN, NE — The 40th anniversary of Earth Day occurs this week – Thursday, April 22. It’s a day that was started to inspire awareness … Read More »

Study: Not extending ethanol tax credit would cost Nebraska nearly 14,000 jobs

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska would lose more than 13,700 jobs should the Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit (VEETC) not be renewed before it expires in … Read More »

USDA: Nebraska corn farmers to plant 9.2 million acres

LINCOLN, NE – Farmers in Nebraska intend to plant some 9.2 million acres of corn this year, about 1 percent more than the 9.15 million … Read More »

Updated estimates positive for ethanol but concerns remain

LINCOLN, NE—The Environmental Protection Agency’s updated regulations implementing the expanded Renewable Fuels Standard include an important credit for distillers grains, a feed ingredient produced by … Read More »

Nebraska Corn Board: California fuel regulations will have significant impact on Nebraska’s rural economy

LINCOLN, NE – California’s low carbon fuels standards were given final approval by the state’s Office of Administrative Law last week and are set to … Read More »

Nebraska farmers conduct, support award-winning campaigns

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska corn farmers, through the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association, created one award winning campaign that reached out to … Read More »

Crop report has ‘record breaking’ written all over it

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska farmers brought in a record 1.58 billion bushel corn crop this growing season – produced on nearly 4 percent fewer acres … Read More »

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