62% of Corn Rated Good to Excellent

The last couple of weeks have brought above normal temperatures paired with little or no precipitation across most of northern and western Nebraska. This has led to continued and increased stress on crop and pasture land according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office. Although Southeastern Nebraska has recieved some good rains as of late. South Central, East Central, and Southeast parts recieved anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain. But overall irrigation has been active because of the crop developement ahead of normal, this all requiring more water for this time of year than usual.

Temperatures averaged only 2 degrees below normal in the Northeast and East Central while everywhere else averaged 2 degress above normal. Temperatures reached as high as triple digits in parts of the west adn 90’s everywhere else.

Corn Conditions rate 62% good to excellent, which is below last year’s 75%.

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