Corn Planting Nearly Complete

Farmers have almost finished planting with completion at 98%, ahead of the 91% last year according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office. 78% of it has emerged with only 78% of it being rated good or excellent.

It has been a mostly hot, dry, and windy last couple of weeks until recent showers moved across portions of Eastern Nebraska. These factors lead to lower soil moisture levels than in previous years leading producers to start irrigating. The Panhandle is seeing about ½ of its normal precipitation since the beginning of the year. Temperatures are 3 degrees higher than normal in the east while they’re 6 degrees higher than normal in the west. Leading to changes in temperatures from high’s of 90’s to low’s of 30 in the Panhandle.

The following photos were taken by Nebraska FFA Chapters, each from one of the districts represented by the Nebraska Corn Board. They record their crop progress and illustrate the differences in progress across Nebraska.

 To see more pictures visit our Flickr page online.


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