Drought Continues

There has been continued stress across the state due to hot and dry conditions blanketing the Midwest. According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office; highs have reached triple digits in portions of the west and lows recorded in the mid 50’s. Much of the state saw little precipitation although a few isolated areas across the mid section of the state received measureable rainfall with some places receiving over 1 inch. Temperatures have ranged from 2 degrees above normal in the western half of the state and 2 degrees below normal in the eastern half.

70% of the corn crop was silking which is well above last year and the normal average. 8% of the corn is in the dough stage while last year only 1% was at the same time last year. The corn crop is being rated 43% good to excellent compared to 82% good to excellent. Irrigated corn is a 63% good to excellent while dry land corn is only 16%. Although some producers across the state that were using surface water were required to stop pumping it due to low river levels.

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