Harvest is Two-Thirds Complete

In the last week parts of Nebraska received a killing frost bringing the growing season to an end. With the colder temperatures also came the first snowfall in western Nebraska, mostly the panhandle and southwest districts. The amount of precipitation totaled less than one half inch. Other areas of the state received little to no rain with temperatures averaging 9 to 11 degrees below normal. With highs mostly in the 80’s and low’s reaching the 20’s.

98% of all corn is mature, well ahead of the 81% average. Corn harvest is two-thirds complete, a whole month ahead of the average. Many ranchers are moving their cattle to stalks for the winter already.

To see more pictures from crop progress, visit our Flickr page.

Fast Facts:

-40% of all corn produced in the U.S. is fed to livestock (this includes distillers grains).

-70% of the corn used for livestock feed is fed to beef cattle.


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