November 9, 2010 Crop Progress Update

Dry Weather creates Favorable Harvest Conditions
November 9, 2010

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office, corn harvested was 94 percent complete, three weeks ahead of the average. Most of the corn remaining to be harvested was in the western half of the state. The last time there was more corn harvested at this date was in the year 2000!

Temperature across the state averaged 4 degrees above normal. Unseasonably warm readings reached the low 80’s while lows temperatures were more fall-like and fell into the teens. The Southwest District recorded both the coolest and warmest temperatures for the week. Only a trace of rain was recorded in the North Central Northeast Districts.

Ag Facts
• Seed technology providers have stated corn yield could reach 250 to 300 bushel per acre by the year2030.
• In 2009 Nebraska dryland corn yielded an average of 149 bushels per acre.
• According to the USDA NASS October’s Nebraska Cattle on Feed Report was at 2.220 million head, ahead of last year’s 2.170 million head.

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