October 12, 2011 Crop Progress Update

Corn harvest advances due to dry conditions
October 12, 2011

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office, corn harvest has been advancing due to the dry conditions. Unfortunately, these dry conditions have led to field fires being sparked by combines, which then spread rapidly due to high winds and dry conditions. Precipitation was welcomed towards the end of the week to help curb some of the field fires.

Temperatures for the week were well above normal. The eastern two-thirds of the state saw temperatures averaging 7 to 12 degrees above normal while the Panhandle averaged 3 degrees above normal for the week. Highs reached into the 90’s and lows were mainly in the 40’s. For much of the state, the rain that fell was the first significant precipitation in the recent five weeks. A majority of the rain was in a concentrated band that ran through the central third of the state. Locations in South Central Nebraska recorded 4 to 6 inches. Counties bordering the Missouri River received little to no rainfall.

Corn conditions rated 74 percent good to excellent, but are below last year’s average of 80 percent good to excellent. Irrigated corn conditions rated 78 percent good to excellent and dryland corn rated 68. Corn mature is at 88 percent, behind 93 last year but ahead of the 85 percent average. Corn harvest is at 19 percent, behind 27 last year but near the 20 percent average.

The following photographs below were taken by Nebraska FFA Chapters, each representing the eight districts. They show the crop progress in each area and illustrate the differences in progress across Nebraska. See more photos on our online photo album.

Ag Facts
• No-till reduces soil erosion by 1 billion tons per year.
• Estimates show we can grow 17 billion bushels on 83 million acres by 2020.
• In 2010, 4.3 billion bushels of corn was used for ethanol and co-products.

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