September 12, 2011 Crop Progress Update

Harvest is around the corner
September 12, 2011

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office, crops are beginning to turn to fall colors due to dry conditions and below normal temperatures. Irrigation has come to an end as farmers begin to pick up irrigation pipe. Corn silage, high moisture corn, and seed corn harvests picked up momentum due to favorable weather conditions. Land affected by floods has started to reappear as the floodwaters begin to go down.

Nebraska’s corn crop rated 76 percent good to excellent, below last year’s 83 percent good to excellent but above the 74 average. Irrigated corn conditions rated 81 percent good to excellent while dryland corn rated 70. Corn dented or beyond was at 90 percent, near last year’s 91 percent. Corn mature is at 9 percent, well behind last years 23 percent and the 20 average. Corn harvest was at 1 percent with seed corn and high moisture fields being taken.

Temperatures for the week averaged 3 degrees below normal while remaining mostly dry across much of the state. Highs were recorded in the mid to upper 80’s and lows were in the 40’s with some areas experiencing lows in the upper 30’s. Only small amounts of moisture was reported in the far southwest and western panhandle counties. Most of the state received no precipitation.

The following photographs below were taken by Nebraska FFA Chapters, each representing the eight districts. They show the crop progress in each area and illustrate the differences in progress across Nebraska. See more photos on our online photo album.

Ag Facts
• Agriculture provides over 24 million jobs here in the U.S.
• Over 90% of the starch that Americans use comes from corn.
• It takes 3.6 pounds of corn to produce 1 pound of pork.

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