Slow Start

 Corn planting this spring has been noticeably behind with only 14% of all corn planted thus far compared to 70% last year and the 53% average. Although the beginning of the week of May 5 started out warm, it followed with cold, wet conditions meaning little progress was made. Many counties had even recieved snow midweek, with moisture totals measuring more than 1 inch or more in many eastern areas with less recieved in western counties. Temperatures, as we’ve seen so far this spring, were lower than normal 4-8 degrees across much of the state.

Soil temperatures were above 50 degrees in the western two thirds of the state while the rest was still in the high 40’s.

Topsoil moisture supply rated 36% very short or short while subsoil moisture rated 84% very short or short.

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The corn seeds aren’t planted very deeply so as to assure that they can make it through the topsoil.


Near Fullerton, the weather was nice enough that planting was able to begin!



Amazing to think that in five months this seed will become a plant over 6 feet tall!

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