Letter to the Editor EPA Renewable Volume Obligation

America’s renewable fuel production has more than tripled since the bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) went into effect in 2005. Since that time, U.S. dependence on foreign oil has dipped to its lowest level in more than 25 years and we’ve created a homegrown energy industry that supports more than 850,000 workers and has revitalized rural communities in Nebraska and our nation.

Nebraska has become the nation’s second largest ethanol producer, which has helped strengthen our economy from border to border.

Yet the EPA in its infinite wisdom has recommended that we cut back on the amount of renewable fuel in our nation’s fuel supply. Thanks to the outcry of some 200,000 farmers and ethanol proponents nationwide—including some 6,000 from Nebraska alone—EPA has deferred its recommendation until some time in 2015.

The growth of renewable fuels is all about providing all of us with more choices at the pump. Our nation needs a diverse portfolio of fuels. Ethanol is a proven fuel that lowers fuel costs, improves air quality, adds value to Nebraska agriculture, and generates jobs and revenue. What’s not to like about that?

Ethanol is a huge success story for Nebraska and the nation. Let’s not allow EPA to rewrite the Congressional legislation that the American people worked so hard to put in place. Stay tuned for more opportunities to have your voice heard as EPA brings this back to the table in the coming year.

Tim Scheer
St.Paul, Nebraska

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