Letter to the Editor – Farmers Ask for Certainty

Farm Bill NowIn any business or operation some level of certainty is always beneficial. That certainty provides a basis to make short term and long term plans, assess investments into the business or needed changes to an operation. Our farms are no different.

This year has given us plenty of uncertainty due to a drought that has plagued the nation and the implications can be seen across many facets of agriculture. But as a farmer one certainty that I am asking for is a Farm Bill. So many things are wrapped up in a Farm Bill, but in essence all these things deal with food, agriculture and the environment. We are the envy of the world when it comes to food production and we need a strong healthy and sustainable agriculture. We need everyone to help convince the House to take action, go to Farm Bill Now.com and voice your support for the passage of a Farm Bill.

The current Farm Bill is set to expire this year and collectively Congress has yet to pass a Farm Bill although a version has been passed by the Senate, a version has yet to be passed by the House. I and other producers need the certainty that a Farm Bill provides as we begin to make decisions for next year, decisions that include thousands of dollars in seed, chemical, fertilizer and other inputs.

As a food consumer or a food producer, you have a voice and now is the time to send a message to those that represent you—that we need the certainty that a Farm Bill can provide and we need it now.

In closing, time is running out for action. Congress will only be in session a few days in September and then the “lame duck session” following the November elections. So I ask that you visit with your senator or congressman, thank them for their past work and ask them to press for passage of a Farm Bill. You can also go to www.farmbillnow.com and send a message via Twitter or Facebook or simply sign a petition.

Your story about the certainty that a Farm Bill would provide your operation is a powerful message, and one that I ask you share with your representative or senator.

Tim Scheer
Nebraska Corn Board

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