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CornsTalk is a newsletter produced by the Nebraska Corn board that covers important subjects and provides regular updates on various programs of interest to consumers, corn growers and others.

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14CORN-026_CornsTalk_SPRING2.indd  Spring 2014 – Retiring Corn Board Ex. Director looks back and forward.
Winter Cornstalk icon  Winter 2013 – Articles about GMO Products, Consumer fuel choices and Farm Bill Legislation.
Cornstalk thumbnail Fall 2013 – Explains how exports effect our economy, Nebraska Beef Mission to Japan highlights and three things you should know about the Farm Bill.
 cornstalk Summer 2013 – Farmers join conversations about food and farm women connect with urban moms.  Updates on Centennial Mall, State Fair and Ag Literacy Initiatives.  Also news on Food Dialogues in major US cities.
Thumbnail Spring 2013 – Omaha and Lincoln Business Leaders speak out about the Urban Connections with Agriculture. Corn Chips of a Different Flavor are highlighted.  Did you know that planting corn in Nebraska is a $2.8 Billion Investment and are Are You Cool to Flex Fuel?
Fall 2012 – Drought turns a promising year upside down – and what is the drought’s impact on food prices? Do higher corn prices mean food prices will skyrocket? Find out! Plus: What do you know about the RFS? Or RINs? And the farm bill — a bill that’s really all about food, energy, trade, research, conservation and jobs!
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Summer 2012 – How can Innovation Campus impact rural Nebraska and corn farmers? Find out in this edition CornsTalk! You’ll also find details on water use, corn “chips”, breaking the biofuels blend wall, livestock producers moving forward the right way and what a $2.8 billion investment by family corn farmers becomes. Plus: Joan’s beef, cars that get 55 miles per gallon, three kinds of corn and more!

Older editions
November 2011 – Facts and figures on corn industry, ethanol and livestock
May 2011 – NASCAR powerd by E15, Become A FAN support
February 2011 – Grain entrapment numbers on the rise, CommonGround, IRM plan
November 2010 – VEETC, trade, excessive regulations, CARB and more.
May 2010 – Focuses on water use, water research and more.
February 2010
– Focuses on the corn checkoff being created by farmers for farmers.
November 2009– Focuses on greenhouse gas regulations, carbon, indirect land use and more.
Spring 2009– Provides an in-depth look at what’s happening in Brazil and Argentina based on a study tour of the region.
Winter 2009
– Takes a look at the challenges ahead, from ethanol to livestock production
Fall 2008
– Your Corn Checkoff: Charting the right course (annual report)Summer 2008 – Charging ahead with the truth on food and fuelWinter 2007-08 – A matter of perspective: Water use with corn and ethanolFall 2007 – Rising numbers fuel Nebraska’s economy (ethanol and rural development)Summer 2007 – Your corn checkoff investment: Building blocks for successSpring 2007 – Corn in the crosshairs: Corn’s role in America’s energy futureWinter 2007 – Striking a balance: Corn prices, ethanol and traditional corn customers

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The mission of the Nebraska Corn Board is to develop, carry out and participate in programs of research, education, market development and promotion to enhance profitability (viability) and expand the demand and value of Nebraska corn and value-added corn products.


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