Board Members

Checkoff funds are administered and invested by the Nebraska Corn Board, which is made up of nine farmer directors who serve 3-year terms. Eight members represent specific Nebraska districts shown in the map below and are appointed by the Governor. The Board elects the ninth “at large” member. An executive director and staff serve at the pleasure of the board.

If you have any questions or comments for the Board, please contact us. For hi-res photos, click here.

(Board member bios are available by clicking on members name below.)

District #1
David Bruntz- Friend

  • Market Devleopment Committee, NCB
District #2
John Greer - Edgar
District #3
Brandon Hunnicutt – Giltner District #4
Deborah Borg- Allen

  • Research Committee, NCB
 District #5
Tim Scheer- St. Paul

  • Chairman, NCB
  • Research Committee, NCB
  • Chair, Executive Committee, NCB
District #6
Dennis Gengenbach- Smithfield

  • Chair, Research Committee, NCB
  • Ethanol Committee
    A-Team, NCGA
District #7
David Merrell-St. Edward

  • Sec/Treasurer, NCB
  • Grower Services A-Team, NCGA
  • Chair, Market Development Committee, NCB
  • Executive Committee, NCB
District #8  F. Jon Holzfaster - Paxton

  • Communications Committee, NCB
  • National Corn Board member, NCGA
  • Chair, NASCAR Advisory Committee, NCGA
At-Large:  Alan Tiemann- Seward

  • Past Chairman, NCB
  • Chair, Communications Committee, NCB
  • Executive Committee, NCB