Staff Members

To reach a specific staff member, please call the office at 800-NECORN1 (800-632-6761) or 402-471-CORN (2676).

Or to reach a staff member via email, just click on a name.

Don Hutchens
Executive Director
His primary responsibilities include administering of the checkoff on corn marketed in the state.  Director of all staff and management functions.  Responsible for carrying out the decisions of a nine-member board.  Assists in the development of committees to address issues of research, market development, communications, and government affairs.  Provide a basis of accurate information for the board to use in decision-making in areas of foreign market development, domestic market demand, research, education, and information sharing.
Kelly Brunkhorst
Director of Research
His primary responsibilities include grants, research, transportation, economic analysis/market intelligence, market development in the western and southern US and Mexico, industrial uses of corn and first purchaser and seed industry relations.
Kelsey Pope
Director of Advocacy & Outreach
Her primary responsibilities include expanding marketing opportunities through communications, partnering with livestock industry groups and coordinating animal agriculture welfare programs through education and information. Also coordinating corn promotion activities at events across the state and utilizing social media to promote positive messages about agriculture.
Kimberly Clark
Director of Biofuels Development
Her primary responsibilities include coordinating ethanol programming and promotions. Also partnering with in-state and national organizations, industry groups, and ethanol plants to expand consumer outreach and ethanol usage.  Works with consumers, media, schools, and the general public to provide factual information about ethanol development, production, and use.
Janet Miller
Business Manager
She is primarily responsible for accounts payable, contracts, purchasing, meeting arrangements and minutes, office management and managerial functions.
Susan Zabel
Administrative Secretary
She serves as support staff for board/office personnel, responsible for website updates and other administrative duties.
 lauren  Lauren Ibach
Communications & Market Development Intern
She assists with market development programs and activities, collects and reports corn and corn-product utilization and transportation data, and oversees crop progress report placement on the website. Also utilizes social media and to share positive messages about agriculture and creates YouTube videos to share on the web.