Educational Videos

Can corn help fuel the future? The answer is YES!

In this 12-chapter educational video series found on our Nebraska Corn Kernels YouTube Channel, you will learn about the importance of corn to Nebraska and dive into the scientific, specifics of how ethanol is made! Then you’ll find out what we use it for – as well as its very important co-product, distillers grains to feed livestock.

Corn can fuel many different things! It can make ethanol that fuels your car, feed that fuels the diets of livestock, and can be used to fuel the development of new products made from corn…. the possibilities for the future are endless! Learn about them in Chapter 1.

An important use for corn is ethanol – which is a fuel for our vehicles. To make this renewable fuel, you need to understand that each corn kernel is made of protein, starch, fiber and oil.

Ethanol plants use just the corn starch part. The corn starch is converted to sugar and then fermented into ethanol. The rest of the kernel, including the protein and fiber, is saved by the ethanol plant and sold as feed for livestock and poultry called distillers grains. Check out how the process starts in Chapter 2.


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