Corn Curriculum for the Nebraska Corn Board, Corn EducationCorn in the Classroom is an internet-based curriculum that utilizes examples from the corn industry to teach kids mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, music and art. The curriculum is divided into nine different units and based on the real-life experiences of a Minnesota farm family.

Each unit contains a brief story, background for teachers and hands-on lesson plans that are adaptable to all ages. This curriculum provides educators with fresh and different examples for teaching the core subjects and has been rated by the Nebraska Department of Education’s academic standards for mathematics, reading/writing, science and social studies/history.

At the same time, students will enjoy learning about everything from corn’s role in American history to genetics, the environment, satellites, geography, nutrition and a whole lot more.

The first five chapters – Claire Plays Basketball, Ann Learns to Plow, Elizabeth Sees a Bad Side to her Favorite Creatures, Elizabeth Learns Why She Has Blue Eyes and David Explores New Worlds – focus on raising corn.

The last four – Ann Learns a Secret Family Recipe, Hugh Buys a Car, Claire Has a Dream and David Makes Cupcakes – show students the many ways corn is used.

You can either focus on a particular chapter of interest or start with Chapter One and read through in order. Either way, there is much to learn.

Before beginning the Corn Curriculum, you can view the Nebraska Department of Education standards for these education tools. You can view them by Grade Level or by Unit. (.pdf files)

To access the Corn Curriculum, click here.

Kernels of KNOWLEDGE, Facilitator Guide, click here. 

Unit 1 of 4-H curriculum , The Facilitator Guide provides an explanation of 4 activities:

Learning Activity One — Uses of Corn

Learning Activity Two — Life Cycle of Corn

Learning Activity Three –Building a non-Newtonian Fluid

Learning Activity Four — Refining Process of Corn Starch

There is also a Youth Guide, for a copy of that, click here.

If you would like additional information, materials or resources, please contact the Nebraska Corn Board ncb.info@nebraska.gov or telephone 402-471-2676.

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