Co-products Traders List

Included below is a list of companies that market corn co-products like distillers grains and corn gluten. The information was compiled by the Nebraska Corn Board and is only a partial list. For more information, contact us.

For a list of companies that supply and/or manufacture pellets, blocks and/or cubes using either distillers grains or corn gluten as a base for their products , click here.

Plant Distillers Grains Contact (Wet, Dry)
E-Energy Adams13238 East Aspen Rd.Adams, NE68301402/988-4655 E-Energy Adams% Todd Veerhusen


Valero Renewable Fuels2615 260th St.P.O. Box 188, Suite 100Albion, NE 68620 Valero Renewable Fuels% Todd Dohmen


Green Plains Renewable EnergyP.O. Box 391Atkinson, NE 68713 % Nathan Lakers


Aventine Renewable Energy1205 South “O” Rd.Aurora, NE 68818402/694-3635 Aurora Coop (Wet)% Matt Keech 308/347-9226

Aventine (Dry)

% Greg Sherwood 402/694-2106

Bridgeport Ethanol9216 Rd. 90P.O. Box 884Bridgeport, NE 69336


Colorado Agri Products, LLC% Justin Corman


Green Plains Renewable Energy214 20th St.Central City, NE 68826 % Nathan Lakers308/227-1518


Flint Hills Resource Renewables, LLC1214 County Rd. GFairmont, NE 68354 Flint Hills Resources (Wet and Dry)402/268-7906
Chief Ethanol FuelsP.O. Box 488Hastings, NE 68902 Chief Ethanol Fuels (Wet)% Patricia Beard


Siouxland Ethanol1501 Know Blvd.Jackson, NE 68743402/632-2676 Siouxland Ethanol% Susan Bostwich


Cornhusker Energy111 East Industry DriveLexington, NE 68850 Cornhusker Energy (Wet and Dry)% Bobbi Lorenz


Nebraska Corn Processing107 Potter St.Cambridge, NE 69022 Nebraska Corn Processing (Wet)% Shannon Caudill


Louis Dreyfus Commodities3002 N Victory Rd.Norfolk, NE 68701402/844-2680 Louis Dreyfus Commodities (Dry and Modified Wet)% Nathan Brabec or Ryan Koinzan


Standard Ethanol-Madrid1900 E State Farm Rd.North Platte, NE 69103308/532-8298 Standard Ethanol-Madrid (Wet)% Don Wiseman


Green Plains Renewable Energy48167 Val-E Rd.Ord, NE 68862308/277-1518  % Nathan Lakers308/227-1518
Husker Ag, LLC54048 Hwy 30 Box 10Plainview, NE 68769 Husker Ag, LLC% Ryan Reestman


Trenton Agri Products36638 U.S. Hwy 34Trenton, NE 69044308/334-5100 Trenton Agri Products308-334-7875
KAAPA EthanolP.O. Box 238Minden, NE 68959308/743-2217 KAAPA Ethanol% Sloan Phipps


Pioneer Trail Biofuels Energy Corp7874 S. 140th Rd.P.O. Box 515Wood River, NE 68883


Performance Plus Liquids (Wet)% TJ Martin 308/641-1458

Gavilon (Dry)

% Ryan Eckstein 402/889-4375

Abengoa Bioenergy-York1414 Road OYork, NE 68467 Abengoa Bioenergy-York% Dan Reikofski or Josh Gartner


Abengoa Bioenergy of Nebraska35955 Navaho Rd.P.O. Box 85Ravenna, NE 68869


Abengoa Bioenergy of Nebraska% Eric Basnett


Midwest Renewable Energy27532 West Hwy 30Sutherland, NE 69165 Midwest Renewable Energy% Terry Tinney


Plant Gluten Feed Contact
ADM Columbus3000 East 8th St.Columbus, NE 68601 ADM (Gluten)

% Ron Lindquist402/747-2039 (Phone and Fax)

402/649-1884 (Cell)

Cargil, Inc.650 Industrial ParkP.O. Box 300Blair, NE 68008 Cargill (Gluten)

% Kurt Loseke