Checkoff Update April 2011

NCB Hosts, Meets with International Guests
The Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) hosted a trade team from Mexico recently to discuss white corn production across Nebraska. A frost in the northwestern part of Mexico has created an uncertainty in future supply of white corn, a staple in the Mexico diet. Nebraska is a leader in white corn production and the team met with various cooperatives and elevators. Additionally, NCB staff met with a diverse group from Austria, Czech Republic, Gaza Strip, Indonesia and Spain to discuss agriculture policy, ethanol and biotech.

NCB Presents Corn Tab Awards
Annually, the Nebraska Corn Board recognizes print media across the state for their excellence in producing an insert or tab in their paper dedicated to corn. This year’s recipients were The North Platte Telegraph, Enterprise Publishing Company (Blair Pilot-Tribune, Lyons Mirror-Sun and Oakland Independent) and Frontier County Enterprise. The awards were presented during the Nebraska Press Association’s Annual Convention.

NCB Sponsors Blender Pump Installation, Grand Opening
The blender pump and grand opening were sponsored in part by the Nebraska Corn Board. Aurora Cooperative’s blender pump, located on the west side of York, Neb. will give flex fuel vehicle owners options to fill with E30 or E85 and also gives all vehicle owners the opportunity to fill with E10.

NCB Promotes Ethanol, FFVs at Earth Day Event
Nebraska Corn Board’s ag program manager Kim Clark promoted ethanol and discussed blender pumps and flex fuel vehicles (FFV) during events held in recognition of Earth Day. The afternoon event held in Lincoln, Neb., allowed the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Ethanol Board the opportunity to discuss the advantages to both the environment and rural economies of corn ethanol.

Pope Promotes Corn, Agriculture at Life on the Farm Day
Kelsey Pope, ag promotion coordinator with the Nebraska Corn Board recently spent time visiting with third graders as part of the Life on the Farm Day event held in Columbus, Neb. Pope had an interactive presentation about daily activities in the life of a corn farmer, as well as products made from corn like ethanol and PLA corn plastic.

Kernels of Truth…

  • It is that time of the year for Crop Progress. Checkout the NCB website for bi-monthly updates as provided by local FFA chapters across the state.
  • According to the USDA, National Ag Statistics Service, Nebraska farmers intend to plant 9.5 million acres of corn, the most since 1933.

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