Nebraska ag groups push for a Farm Bill Now

Farm Bill NowLINCOLN, NEB – Nebraska agriculture organizations, initiated by the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association, have come together to put pressure on the U.S. House of Representatives and Congress to pass a Farm Bill – and now.

At the Nebraska State Fair, the corn checkoff board and growers organization came together to educate and advocate for showing support for a 2012 Farm Bill. Fair goers had the opportunity to sign their name on a large banner, as well as take handout cards with contact information for Nebraska’s federal representatives and the House Ag Committee.

“This year has given us plenty of uncertainty due to a drought that has plagued the nation and the implications can be seen across many facets of agriculture,” said Tim Scheer, farmer from St. Paul and Nebraska Corn Board chairman. “But as a farmer, one certainty that I am asking for is a Farm Bill. Whether you are a food producer or food consumer, you should be asking for the same.”

Scheer said that efforts at State Fair and the upcoming Husker Harvest Days are to educate those about the Farm Bill and ask them to take action by signing the Farm Bill Now banner, calling their congressional representatives and signing the petition on They can also easily Tweet their representatives with the #farmbillnow hashtag and write a message on their Facebook page.

The current Farm Bill is set to expire this year. Collectively Congress has yet to pass a Farm Bill, although a version has been passed by the Senate. A version has yet to be passed by the House.

“Time is running out for action on the Farm Bill,” said Carl Sousek, president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. “Congress will only be in session a few days in September and then the “lame duck session” following the November elections. I ask that you visit with your Senator or Congressman, thank them for their past work and ask them to press for passage of a Farm Bill.”

In addition to efforts at State Fair and Husker Harvest Days, a joint letter of support from over a dozen agricultural organizations in the state has been signed that encourages legislators to pass a Farm Bill that reauthorizes disaster assistance, streamlines conservation programs, provides sound risk management programs, and continues the priorities in foreign market development.

For you to take action, please join these ag organizations at the Ag Commodities Building (booth #8) during Husker Harvest Days, September 11-13 to sign the banner and go to

The Nebraska Corn Board is a self-help program, funded and managed by Nebraska corn farmers. Producers invest in the program at a rate of 1/4 of a cent per bushel of corn sold. Nebraska corn checkoff funds are invested in programs of market development, research and education.

The Nebraska Corn Growers Association ( is a grassroots commodity organization that works to enhance the profitability of corn producers. Now in its 40th year of service to its members, NeCGA has more than 2,500 dues paying members in Nebraska. NeCGA is affiliated with the National Corn Growers Association, which has more than 36,000 dues paying members nationwide.


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PHOTO CUTLINE: The Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association had this banner at their booth at the Nebraska State Fair in support of a 2012 Farm Bill and another banner will be available to sign at Husker Harvest Days.

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