Nebraska Commodity Checkoff Organizations Clarify Endorsement Claims Made During Gubernatorial Debate

LINCOLN, NE—Five of Nebraska’s commodity checkoff programs have issued a joint statement in response to endorsement claims made during the Nebraska gubernatorial debate held Thursday night.

The Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Pork Producers, Nebraska Soybean Board, Nebraska Wheat Board, and Nebraska Beef Council are all prohibited by law from endorsing or opposing political candidates at any level. Comments made during the debate may have led voters to believe that these checkoff programs had made endorsements in the governor’s race.

In Thursday night’s gubernatorial debate on NET Television, Democratic candidate Chuck Hassebrook said he had received endorsements from “presidents and board chairs of the commodity organizations and boards from every one of the five major commodities—beef, pork, corn soybeans and wheat…”

Since checkoff funds are collected from all farmers and ranchers, state and federal laws do not allow those funds to be used to support or oppose political candidates at any level.

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