New Flex Fuel Pumps Open Up in David City

Flex fuel vehicles can use regular unleaded, e10, e85 or any combination of ethanol and regular gas, including the e20 and e30 blends that are growing more common at stations that have installed ethanol blender pumps like these.Lincoln, NE-New flex fuel pumps are now open in David City at the RB’s Corner Stop on Highway 15.

This is the 83rd retail location with E85/flex fuel pumps that offer ethanol blended fuels such as E85 for flex fuel vehicles. RB’s Corner Stop is offering E10, E20, E30, and E85. There is an ethanol blend for everyone.

These pumps were paid for in part by a grant provided by the Nebraska Corn Board. The location is supporting the local economy by offering a homegrown, locally produced fuel, ethanol.

“We have been working hard to get flex fuel pumps across Nebraska,” said Kim Clark director of biofuels development for the Nebraska Corn Board. “Over the last year we have doubled the number of locations that offer E85 and other ethanol blended fuels.”

Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board said, “Ethanol saves motorist money at the pump. Last year, ethanol saved Americans in the Midwest over $1.60 per gallon. A consumer’s choice and ethanol availability are high on consumer’s priority list with today’s gas prices.”

One in 10 Nebraska motorists currently own a flexible fuel vehicle which can run on any blend of ethanol and gasoline, up to E85, and many don’t even know it. To confirm if a vehicle is flex fuel, drivers can check their owner’s manual, their gas cap, look for the flex fuel emblem on their vehicle or visit the website

When flex fuel drivers fill up on E85 and other ethanol blends, they’re strengthening Nebraska’s economy, making our country more energy independent and helping the environment. Blender pumps that offer higher ethanol blends are helping the nation move past the E10 blend wall.

Grand opening details will be available at a later date.

To find a list of retailers that offer E85 and other mid-level ethanol blends visit the Nebraska Ethanol Board website at or check the Nebraska Corn Board website at

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