The Nebraska Corn Board applauds both the House and Senate for passing the new 5-year Farm Bill

Lincoln, Neb. – “It has been a long time coming, but we are pleased that common sense, compromise and valid concerns finally resulted in a bill that allows Nebraska farmers and ranchers to know what role the Federal government will have in their industry,” said Tim Scheer a farmer from St. Paul, Neb. and chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board. “Farmers needed to know that programs like Foreign Market Development (FMD) and Market Access Programs (MAP) were going to be funded so we can promote our commodities around the world, which is a public/private partnership of USDA funds and checkoff dollars that come from farmers and livestock industry pockets.”

Keys provisions of the 5-year Farm Bill include:
• Authorization of both agricultural and nutrition programs, which have been essential in every Farm Bill since 1974.
• Critical export promotion programs, which not only benefit agriculture but the U.S. balance of trade.
• Improvements in the Federal Crop Insurance program.
• The elimination of direct payments.
• A partnership of Conservation Compliance with Crop Insurance coverage.
• Farmers can either participate in the revenue based Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) program or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program with fixed reference prices.

“The passage of this bill comes at a critical time, cattle numbers are at a 63-year low, last year exports of corn were at a low we have not seen in decades, corn prices are at or below cost of production, and if that’s not enough, EPA wants to lower the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) of conventional ethanol,” said Scheer.

“We have stayed in constant contact with our Congressional delegation on both the Farm Bill and the impacts of the EPA and the RFS. We have also met with Congressmen Boehner and Lucas on these issues and are communicating with the White House on both the Farm Bill and the RFS,” said Scheer. Agriculture production and exports have a huge impact on the economy of our state and country. The Farm Bill impacts everyone whether you are a food producer or consumer.

Editors: click here for a photo of Tim Scheer, chairman, Nebraska Corn Board.

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